Altar Linens and Paraments


The altar itself is far more important than any linens placed on it; therefore a cloth that covers the top only is preferred. However the design of the altar might require more than the top be covered. Send measurements of the top of the altar (width and depth) and the length of the drop needed.



Indicate 100% cotton or cotton/polyester



Indicate %100 cotton or cotton/polyester.

Also indicate size needed.


Paraments and altar and ambo hangings remind assembly of the liturgical season.


These need to be a size appropriate for your altar and ambo. Because the hangings are secondary to the furnishings, it is advised they not cover the altar or ambo completely.

Such hangings can match seasonal banners.


Send photos of your altar and ambo with their dimensions clearly stated to have hangings made that complement them.

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Amazing Grace Altar Hanging

This quilted altar hanging drapes over the altar front and back and was designed for a larger altar. The subdued colors are appropriate for the worship space where it is used.